BitLocker Deployment and Window 7 SKUs

I, like many others, build my reference image with a virtual machine. Building your reference image with a VM is the way to go and will give you fewer problems when you go to re-deploy your newly captured WIM. However, at times it can also be extremely frustrating going through the process of running your build and capture Task Sequence and then having it bomb on you when the client reboots into WinPE to capture the image. The most common cause is with network latency and resource issues. You might then find yourself in the scenario where you manually capture your WIM.

The problem you might run into is when you go to deploy your image. Despite the fact that you have the configuration setup in the CustomSettings.ini appropriately, you notice the BitLocker screen was skipped in the deployment wizard.

If you analyze the BDD.log you might  realize that when you captured the Image manually with ImageX, you did not append flags onto it with the SKU of the image (Enterprise). If you’re capturing the image manually you can do that after the fact like this:

imagex /flags “EDITIONID” /info Install.wim 1 “NEW_IMAGE_NAME” “NEW_IMAGE_DESCRIPTION”

Where “EDITIONID” is the appropriate SKU ID as defined in the original factory image (or listed in the WAIK)

The reason why the screen was skipped was because MDT checks the flags value in the wizard to make sure we are only showing the bitlocker screen if you are running Enterprise or Ultimate since Bitlocker is only available on those SKUS.


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